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“They played Dad’s favourite at his funeral. It was perfect. Thank you”

- Thomas J Matland-Northam

“Once the pipes sparked up it was all anyone was talking about - AMAZING!”

- Frank & Co - Northbridge Events

$450-$650 - Ceremony/Reception Only

• Piping Guests in and out of the Ceremony
• Piping the Bride up and down the aisle (Optional)


A wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so why would you take the chance on quality? With years of experience playing at weddings all over the world, Perth Bagpipes will wow your guests! Whether you want the piper for the Ceremony or reception only, and anything in between, we are able to cater to your needs and happy to provide tune suggestions. Wedding packages range from:

$600-$1100 - Ceremony, Reception & Extras

• Piping Guests in and out of the Ceremony
• Piping the Bride up and down the aisle (optional)
• Piping in the background during some photographs if appropriate
• Piping guests into the reception
• Piping the top table in
• Piping the bride and groom into the top table, cake and to their seats
• Piping out of the ceremony

$600 - $2000 - Your Special Event

• Piping Guests at your Event

• Piping guests as they arrive

• Performance
• For a more accurate quote, please get in contact to chat about your special day.


Have you got a corporate event coming up and you really want to leave a lasting impression? Why not book yourself a Scottish Piper in full dress to add that wow factor! The hair will be standing up on everyone’s necks before clapping resonates throughout the crowd as the pipes are struck up. Whether you need a traditional set or something extraordinary, our world-class pipers will be loved at your next event.

“It was so wonderful to walk down the aisle to something other than an organ Piece! It made our day unique!”

Amanda Sansom - Fremantle

$300-$500 - Funeral Packages

• Piping before and after the service
• Piping at the graveside, cemetery or crematorium
• Either piping into the distance or piping as everyone leaves


The pipes are one of the most moving musical instruments and allow mourners to reflect on a life that was, in a respectful, dignified manner. We can assist with tune selection and will accommodate any reasonable requests. With Perth Bagpipes, you can be assured of quality, experience and professional conduct.

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