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Website Upgrade and teaming up with The House of Tartan

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

At Perth Bagpipes, we believe that how you look is just as important as how you sound, so we take pride in our appearances too. Owner Scott Hannah decided to include a configurator on the website allowing the client to choose the outfit they wanted the piper to wear. Please note: these outfits are only available for days Scott can play at events.

hire a bagpiper Perth

Where do you obtain some of the best highland outfits in the world? Scotland, of course. House of Edgar ooze quality and are world leaders in Highland and Celtic wear tracing back to the 19th century. Check out their website here:

These outfits have been tailor-made to fit Scott, and our very own The House of Tartan in Perth, Australia, helped us measure up to acquire them:

We teamed up for a photo shoot, putting configurators on both websites, with Scott as the model for both. Check their configurator out here:

The House of Tartan send uniforms all over Australia and is primarily involved in outfit hire for Perth weddings/events where we sometimes play. We currently have four tartans that Scott wears for weddings, but if the client wants their family tartan worn, pipers at Perth Bagpipes will hire them from The House of Tartan for the event. This unique business relationship for Perth Bagpipes hopes to flourish over the years.

Another special business relationship we have is with Monday Media:

The team at Monday Media know web design, branding, and class. They have helped build the brand Perth Bagpipes and The House of Tartan. Scott used to work with Owner Paul Dean in the social media department at WA Police, where they met and became good friends. Both have a love of CrossFit, bagpipes, and everything Scottish.


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